Adventure to Fitness – Streaming Educational Fitness Entertainment for Kids! Review and Coupon Code


Most parents want their kids to be more physically active, myself included.  My children are 7 and 13 and I finally cancelled our cable service last year because I couldn’t stand how sedintary they had become.  Kids are surrounded by electronic devices like an iPod, iPad, iPhone, XBox, etc.. and they are sitting on the couch for more hours a day than ever before.

That results in kids who are not as physically fit as they could be.

When a child does not eat breakfast or is not physically active their body and brain will not perform as well.  Our bodies need fuel and exercise to work properly and it is important that as parents we teach our children how to take care of their body to ensure that they stay healthy and feel great!

I know it’s not practical to think that you can go on a 1 hour walk with your child everyday, whether it’s because of scheduling or weather and you certainly don’t want your kids to run around the house to get exercise and you probably don’t want your kids to ride their bikes inside, right?

How can you get your kids physically active indoors then?

Adventure to Fitness - for kids

Adventure to Fitness provides children with a way to get active and healthy in a fun and engaging way, indoors!   I’m not talking about doing jumping jacks or running in place mindlessly.

Adventure to Fitness is an award-winning program.

Each 30 minute interactive episode is an exciting journey around the globe that integrates physical activity with health instruction and curricula-aligned lessons in math, science, social studies, and language arts.  The Adventure to Fitness online site provides parents with educational resources and activities, along with expert recommendations to enhance each child’s overall learning and health.  Created by leading educators and doctors, it is the first program of its kind that gets kids moving, learning, and having fun!

For Kids

Adventure to Fitness takes kids on a global journey during which they follow their fearless leader “Mr. Marc” to run, leap, lunge, and laugh to greater mental and physical fitness!

For Parents

Adventure to Fitness provides parents with the peace of mind knowing that their children are being physically active while be entertained and educated!

 Adventure to Fitness DVD and online fitness for kids

Adventure to Fitness award

Parents can order Adventure to Fitness DVDs or stream the episodes online!

Endorsed by America’s top educators and doctors, used and trusted by over 75,000 teachers, Adventure to Fitness is a 2012 Family Choice Award-winner and is Parents’ Choice Approved.

Adventure to Fitness is the leader in educational fitness entertainment for kids.


Why not try Adventure to Fitness? It will make you feel better knowing that your kids are being active and your kids will feel better because they are being active!

Adventure to Fitness coupon code

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Learn more about Adventure to Fitness online:

Watch this video to learn about Adventure to Fitness’ streaming fitness episodes



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