Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten: Part 1

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As spring and summer quickly approach, many parents begin planning—and stressing—over the next great phase in their children’s academic journey, namely kindergarten. Most parents share the same anxieties over this transition. The two most common concerns are: “Is my child ready?” and “What does my child need to know?” Here are some tips to help your child be kindergarten ready with some simple, and fun activities.

The child care experts at composed a list of the top kindergarten ready traits that teachers look for and include enthusiasm toward learning, solid oral-language skills, the ability to listen, the desire to be independent, the ability to play well with others, strong fine-motor skills, basic letter and number recognition, and separate from parents easily.

There are many activities in your community that will allow you to prepare your child this summer for the transition to kindergarten. Over the summer, take your child to the zoo, aquarium, or on a hike. Talk about the specific differences and similarities among the plants and animals they see. For example, ask your child what animal was the largest, smallest, hairiest, or most brightly colored.

Moreover, experts agree that reading to children is a very valuable for them. During the summer, take your children to story time at a library or to a puppet show. To keep children engaged in a story, ask them to predict what will happen next, or ask them to guess the definition of an unfamiliar word. Story time at a library is a fantastic time to meet other parents with children of the same age, and gives your child an opportunity to demonstrate and improve their social skills.

According to, “When kindergarten teachers are asked what abilities they hope incoming students will have, they say social and emotional skills are equally, if not more important, than knowing letters, numbers and shapes.” As a result, try to arrange several playdates for your child. Other group activity options include swimming lessons, gymnastics, and sports such as little league baseball. These environments will do more to prepare your child for kindergarten then you might imagine.

Stay tuned for Preparing your child for Kindergarten: Part 2.

Written by Ashley Miner of Kids ‘R’ Kids North Peachtree City

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