Helping Your Child Understand Family Financial Challenges

Helping Your Child Understand Family Financial ChallengesFinancial challenges can happen to any family, even with careful planning. For a preschooler, trying to understand family financial challenges and responsibilities can be difficult and confusing. A child understands receiving a gift and getting new toys, but normally does not consider how much money it costs or how many hours of work were required to earn the money. Instead, most children in America trust their needs will be provided, food will be available, and certain expectations for daily living will be met.

Sometimes a financial challenge can affect the entire family, even young children. When financial challenges create a need for major changes and sacrifice, it’s important to reassure young children that they are safe and loved.

Here are a few points to consider when your family experiences a financial challenge.

  • Be honest. Carefully discuss the situation in a manner that your child understands. Assure your child that you are working on a solution and your situation is a normal challenge that people sometimes experience.
  • If you are working through feelings of anxiety, try not to pass the worry to your child. Children are normally not mature enough to adequately handle adult emotions.
  • Replace activities that you can’t afford with fun and inexpensive activities like going to the park, camping, and board games.
  • Keep your child’s home environment fun and peaceful. Avoid passing your financial stress to your child. Laugh and play with your child and constantly offer assurance that the family is well.
  • Seek help from a professional if needed. Family counseling can have great benefits for children and adults.
  • Feel free to ask if scholarships are available for special programs that your child enjoys.

Financial challenges can happen to any family. Even the best plans may not be enough for unexpected illness, loss of employment, and emergency situations. Even with these challenges, young children still enjoy laughing, playing, and loving family time. The child-like laughter is also therapeutic for adults. For more information on how to create a loving, and fun environment for a preschooler, contact Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies, the experts in maintaining a balanced environment for young children.

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