Fun Things for Fall

School is back in full swing and the summer heat is slowly giving way to cooler breezes, which can only mean one thing—fall has arrived! The official start of fall is September 22, and if you look closely you can already see the leaves turning from green to gold and pumpkin-flavored foods lining grocery store shelves.

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With school back in session, children have begun to adjust to their new classrooms and have likely made new friends. Even children enrolled in preschool or childcare centers are settling into a new normal as they build a solid foundation for their education. With the cooler weather, fall provides the perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors. Many extracurricular activities and sporting teams provide children with a healthy and fun outlet to enjoy the weather. Fall also provides a great environment to spend quality time together as a family! Check out some of these creative ideas for making the most of this season:

Figure out your family schedule. Since many extracurricular activities begin around this time of year it’s important to have a good understanding of your family’s schedule. Spend some time over dinner discussing the details of the season to avoid becoming over-booked.

Make a scarecrow. Scarecrows have become a familiar symbol during fall, even if you don’t have any reason to scare away crows! Creating a scarecrow is a simple and fun way to involve the kids in decorating for the new season. Make the body of your scarecrow by stuffing a bunch of leaves or other filler into a large bag. Gather some old clothes and other accessories like a hat or bandana and dress your scarecrow. Proudly display your creation in your yard!

Attend a community fall harvest event. Hayrides and festivals abound this time of year! Find a local farm or a public field where they may offer fall activities. It will likely be littered with bales of hay and corn stalks, but guaranteed your children will love just spending time with you.

Plant a garden. Springtime isn’t the only season that boasts beautiful plants for the garden. Research the best flowers and vegetables that thrive during the fall and enjoy the fruits of your labor during the harvest.

Update your closets. A change in the weather demands a change in your wardrobe. Set aside a day where everyone in the family updates their closets from summer to fall. Donate clothes that were hardly worn or were outgrown during the summer. If you need to replace items for your fall wardrobe, make a list and plan a day to shop for those items.

Enjoy a family picnic. Spend some time outdoors together as a family. Ask your children if they can find any signs of fall in the landscape around you. Pack a football or Frisbee with your picnic and take advantage of your time together as a family by exercising!

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