Parents Make Mistakes Too

Happy toddlerEveryone makes mistakes. This goes without saying. If you’re human—and odds are good—then you’ve probably made a mistake or two along the way. Either way, one day you’ll have to communicate these mistakes to your young child.

But how do you do that? How do you appear on the one hand to be the all-knowing, all-wise parent, yet on the other hand find yourself asking other moms and dads how they may have handled the situation. Rest easy. We’ve all been there.

Here are four suggestions to help you and your child through these mistakes and avoid the anxiety associated with the situations.

Realize and accept that you will make mistakes. Feel free to tell your child, “Mommy made a mistake.” As you apologize and communicate your honest intentions, you will teach your child that he too will make mistakes. This exchange creates open communication that allows for imperfections and acceptance in any situation.

As you communicate your mistake to your child, focus on your good intentions, and speak on his level. If his actions were involved, help him understand what happened. In your communication, let him know that you love him and always seek the best for him. Give him the reassurance needed to feel loved and confident.

Plan to avoid the mistake in the future. Think about ways to avoid the same mistake in the future. Make a mental note of any other corrections needed to avoid a repeat of the same event.

Relax. After the mistake has been made, communicated, and forgiven, let it rest. Create a loving and relaxed environment at home where the mistake is no longer discussed. Remember, when your child makes a mistake, he will be seeking the same understanding.

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