Thankfulness with Preschoolers


Each year during the month of November, families across the nation celebrate Thanksgiving. However, this special holiday is about more than turkey trotting and fancy feasts. Many people take this time to reflect on the aspects of their lives that they are grateful for. Furthermore, this is a wonderful opportunity to teach your child about expressing thankfulness and cherishing time with friends and family.

The First Thanksgiving

In September of 1620, a small ship called the Mayflower carrying 102 passengers set sail to find a new home. After a dangerous trip that lasted over four months, the Mayflower arrived in New England. The Pilgrims faced a long and brutal winter, and many did not survive. However, in March, they were approached by several Native Americans who taught them how to cultivate corn, catch fish, identify poisonous plants, and more. As a display of gratitude and kindness, the pilgrims thanked their new allies with a celebratory feast, now known as the first Thanksgiving.

Begin with Basic Manners

You can begin instilling a sense of gratitude in your child by teaching basic manners such as “Please” and “Thank You.” While this won’t immediately cause your child to understand what it means to be thankful, it is a good start. By learning to ask politely when they want something and to saying “thank you” when they receive it, your preschooler should slowly begin to grasp the fact that they are not always guaranteed everything they desire.

Set an Example

Children adore and look up to their parents each day. However you choose to respond to a situation will set the standard for how your children respond, as well. Remember to express gratitude for the blessings in your life on a regular basis, especially in front of your children. Be kind and say “thank you” to waiters, cashiers, and anyone else who provides you with a certain service.

Discuss Highs and Lows

Sometimes in the midst of how busy life becomes, it can be difficult to take a step back and realize how wonderful life is. One way to combat this is by discussing your highs and lows at dinner with your entire family. Talk about the very best parts of your day or your week, and then express the parts that you struggled with. Have your little ones do the same, and they will soon realize how many wonderful friends, family, and opportunities they have in life. Likewise, this will help you uncover what things your child might be struggling with internally, which you can begin to try and fix.


Enjoy the turkey, stuffing, and valuable family time this Thanksgiving while remembering to give thanks and encouraging your little ones to do the same!


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