Online Resources for your Preschooler

Online preschool learning

Nowadays, the internet is for everyone—even your preschooler! With such a wealth of information on the world wide web, you are provided with the tools to reinforce and strengthen the skills your child learns during their time at preschool. Websites with educational games and activities, print outs, and even resources for parents that are filled with educational information on any topic you can imagine are at your fingertips, and these are a few of our favorites!

Preschool Inspirations

Many children thrive off of engagement and play-based learning, and Preschool Inspirations is the source to go to for such things. This website is complete with resources for you as a parent to read and pick from when it comes to hands-on learning and fun.

Fisher Price

Fisher Price is a leader in children’s toys, but they also have a large collection of learning resources available online. You can find videos, games, coloring pages, and craft ideas, as well as play and learn activities and apps. You can even narrow your search by age, brand/character, or type of activity. You are sure to find something for your little tyke here! is a very organized and expansive resource for educational games for preschoolers as well. From learning about counting to spelling and beyond, this website is one that you’ll want to read through. is a very organized and expansive resource for educational games for preschoolers as well.


AbcYa categorizes its games into letters, numbers, holiday, strategy, and skills so that your child can find activities that best suit their needs. With such a variety in what they offer, AbcYa is sure to have something for every child.

Funbrain Jr.

Funbrain Jr. is a website that offers games, stories, printables, and even app suggestions (to keep your preschooler learning on the go) especially geared toward preschool aged children. With activities to promote both math and reading skills, your child is sure to learn with the help of Funbrain Jr.   


Starfall is a great tool for toddlers and preschoolers—from those who are learning their ABC’s to those who are learning to read. There is a wide range of activities available for free, or you can become a member to unlock even more! Starfall uses songs and games, colorful design and easy to use activities to reinforce letter and number skills.  

Boowa & Kwala

Boowa & Kwala is the ultimate website for kid-friendly games. There are sorting games, musical games, guessing games, puzzles, and much more. They also have more than fifty songs and stories that will keep your little one learning and having fun for hours.

While you may want to limit your preschooler’s internet usage, it is an educational tool to seriously consider; these games and activities offer many benefits from helping with dexterity, hand-eye-coordination, attention spans, and more. So crack open the laptop and watch your child learn and grow, all while having fun!


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