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Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Summer Camps

Girls Scouts summer camp Atlanta

Camp Meriwether
• Located one hour south of Atlanta, near Newnan
• Serves girls in 1st through high school
• Resort style cabins
• Horseback riding
• Day and overnight camp
• Swimming, outdoor skills, crafts, cooking and so more

Camp Misty Mountain
• Located in Northwest Georgia mountains between Rome and Calhoun
• Perfect place for adolescent campers going into the 4th grade and up
• Resort style cabins and rustic platform tents
• Horseback riding, canoeing, archery, riflery, sewing, pottery, crafts and more

Camp Pine Acres
• Located on Lake Allatoona, near Acworth
• Serves girls in 3rd grade and up
• Day and overnight camp
• Horseback riding and aquatic activities – knee boarding, tubing, sailing, kayaking
• Resort style cabins and rustic platform tents

Camp Pine Valley
• Located one hour south of Atlanta in Pike County
• Serves girls in 1st through high school
• For girls in 1st through 12th grades, Fall 2010
• Resort style cabins and rustic platform tents
• Aquatic activities, challenge course, outdoor skills, crafts, nature and more

Camp Timber Ridge
• Located just west of Atlanta in Mableton, near Six Flags
• Serves girls in 1st through high school
• Day and overnight options
• Resort style cabins and rustic platform tents
• Optional off-site field trips for girls 4th grade and older
• Challenge course, canoeing, archery, cooking, crafts and more

Is your daughter ready for camp?
Are YOU, as a parent, ready to send your daughter to camp?
We are ready.

Q: How do I determine when is the right time to send my daughter to camp for the first time?
The biggest question to ask is, are YOU ready as a parent to let your child go? It helps to be clear on why you are sending her to camp. Whether it is to make new friends, learn new skills or gain independence, it starts with your goals for a positive camp experience. If you are upbeat about the upcoming experience, your child will reflect this same attitude. If your daughter has been able to successfully spend the night at grandma’s or a friend’s house, she is most likely ready for an overnight camp experience.

We are ready for your daughter. Our goal is for each girl to have a successful social learning experience while at camp. Through great activities and community living, we create an environment that teaches resilience and self-reliance. Camp professionals have been helping kids build independence for years. When choosing a first camp experience, start with the confidence that you have laid the foundation for your child’s success. Begin the process with your child with words of encouragement and enthusiasm.

Q: How will I know my child is being supervised appropriately on and off site?

We are ready for your daughter. Our goal is for each girl to have a positive individual and group experience at camp. Camp staff are trained to focus on each camper every day from their heads to their toes. Supervision not only includes making sure girls are wearing life jackets but also that they are changing their clothes every day, drinking water and applying sunscreen and that healthy relationships are growing in their cabin or tent. Girl Scouts place a high priority on safety and train staff in all aspects of camp life – from leading activities to driving vans to cooking over a campfire. If leaving the camp, the field trip staff have visited the site and made travel and site emergency plans. Our goal is to carefully prepare and plan for each camp experience with your daughter in mind.

Q: How will I communicate with my child while she is at camp?

We are ready for your daughter. Our goal is for each girl to build autonomy while at camp. We ask that all cell phones remain at home. In general, we work to promote independence and group cohesion in campers by discouraging telephone contact during camp session, but there are exceptions to this philosophy. The Camp Director will contact the parent/guardian if a camper is having trouble adjusting to camp life after 24 hours onsite or if there are health concerns. Parents may “visit” their camper daily by viewing photos (at no charge) on the camp’s Bunk1 web site. For a small fee, family members may send emails to the camper while at camp. Campers also love “real” letters and care packages during their stay. As a parent, this is the time to ask yourself again if YOU are ready for your camper to attend camp and have limited communication with them during their stay.

Q: What if my daughter does not have a friend to attend camp with her?

We are ready for your daughter. Our goal is for each girl to discover more about herself while connecting with other campers and camp staff. Many first time campers and camper parents focus on the activities offered at camp and make the decision to attend camp based on canoeing, horseback riding, field trips, etc. While activities are important aspects of camp, that’s not what camp is about. Camp is about making some of the best friends of your life. Campers not only make some of their best friends at camp, they learn what real friendship is. Camp is a social experience – learning to live, work and play together over the course of two-twelve days. Whether your daughter arrives at camp alone or with a friend, she will leave camp with new friends and experiences. Over the past five years, 99% of our campers shared they made a new friend at camp on their evaluations.

Q: What if my daughter has physical, psychological, emotional or medical needs that require daily support?

We are ready to partner with you, the parent. Our goal is to prepare each camper for success. In order to lay the foundation for success, parents and camp directors must partner by sharing information. Some parents hesitate to provide camps with personal information about their camper’s health history. While Girl Scout camp can accommodate 95% of all girls, the other 5% require a different environment with staff trained to meet their needs. With this in mind, if your child’s needs cannot be met at a Girl Scout camp, we would like the decision to be made with you before the registration process begins.

Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta summer camp

Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta summer camp

Girl Scouts of America summer camp Atlanta

Girl Scouts summer camp

Girl Scouts summer camp

Girl Scouts summer camp Atlanta

Girl Scouts of America Summer Camp Atlanta

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