Teaching Your Child to Be Giving and Grateful

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Infants, toddlers, and preschool children usually have their needs met without any thought of what it takes to provide for them. Food is usually available to satisfy varying tastes and cravings. Shelter and clothing are provided and a young child has no thought of what it takes to meet those crucial needs. Parents often spend so much time meeting their child’s needs and seeking to provide the best education, environment, and personal experience they can easily overlook the need to balance the giving with gratefulness.

Children are growing up in a “selfie” generation with a primary focus on self instead of others. It’s important for parents to take the time to teach children how to be grateful, giving, and caring for others who are less fortunate. A few simple actions can be very beneficial for your children and others who may benefit from their generosity. The best solution is to demonstrate generosity and thankfulness at home. Seek to be generous as a family so your children will learn by your example and be more interested in continuing your legacy.

Start by considering people and organizations that you would like to help. The holidays provide an excellent opportunity to help families that need assistance with food and toys. Think about people you know who are experiencing an unusual hardship like the loss of a job, an extended illness, or the loss of a loved one. Think about what you would need if you were having the same experience. In a respectful manner, let them know what you would like to do and be sure to involve your entire family. You may also find people in need through local charities, churches, and friends.

To extend the warmth of giving, begin your own traditions at home. For example, help your children learn to celebrate birthdays by taking over certain tasks. Regularly verbalize ways you appreciate your child, for example, “I appreciate how you clean your room without me asking.” You can also say, “Your teacher said something very nice about your behavior in class, thank you so much for being kind to your classmates.” As you demonstrate appreciation to your child, you are also teaching your child how to have an attitude of gratitude with others, which is an excellent social skill.

Learning social skills is an important component of an educational program. One preschool that has integrated social skills into the fabric of the curriculum is Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies. They take every opportunity to prepare children for a successful future in society as they excel in their educational environment. Feel free to contact Kids ‘R’ Kids for more ideas to help your child make a difference in the world around him.

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