Holiday Recipes for Children

Holiday recipes for children


Cooking can be fun, especially for preschool children. There’s no doubt about it. Put on some holiday music and dance and sing while you and your child create wonderful memories together.

Marshmallow Snowmen

The blog It’s Always Autumn has created a fun treat—marshmallow snowmen!

All you need are large marshmallows, pretzel sticks, toothpicks, chocolate chips, and candy corn.

Simply stick three marshmallows on top of one another for the body, connected with toothpicks. Then put the pretzel sticks into its body for the arms and legs. Place three chocolate chips on its belly for the buttons. Finally, put the candy corn in place for the nose, and there you have it!

Melted Snowmen Chocolate Bark

Princess Pinky Girl makes a fun creation featuring melted snowmen. All you need—for a simple version—is white chocolate, pretzel sticks, candies for the buttons, orange sprinkles for the nose, and googly eyes.

Melt the white chocolate to make the bark. This serves as the “puddle” of snow. Then, place three candies for the buttons in a line in the middle of where you want your snowman to be. Then place an orange sprinkle right above him for the nose. Pretzel sticks go on both sides of the buttons for the arms. Finally, put the eyes where you think they should go, and voila!

Candy Cane Hearts

This is an easy one. Oh Nuts created this fun snack with just chocolate and candy canes!

Simply put two candy canes on a baking sheet facing each other so they make a heart. Then pour melted chocolate in the middle to make a filling. Crush up another candy cane in the middle for decoration, and there you have it!

These snacks can be super easy to make, especially for children. It will teach them about mixing certain foods together, using kitchen utensils, and adding a little heat (with the help of an adult). It’s the perfect combo for a holiday cooking party.

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