Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten: Part 2

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As spring and summer quickly approach, many parents begin planning—and stressing—over the next great phase in their children’s academic journey, namely kindergarten. Most parents share the same anxieties over this transition. Here are some tips to help your child be kindergarten ready with some simple, and fun activities.

Because fine motor skills are vital, create things with your child using an assortment of materials. Give them a variety of writing utensils including crayons, colored pencils, chalk, different textured papers, and paints. This will build your children’s fine motor skills and create a bonding and interactive activity with them. When walking through the neighborhood, collect leaves, flowers, and pine straw in order to create a nature collage with your child.

Furthermore, museums are a great place to take your child over the summer. Many museums offer reptile and live animal shows. Most have a children’s area where they can look and “dig” for dinosaur fossils. After the visit, ask your child to draw a picture of their experience and describe it in words; you may want scribe the response as a keepsake for a memory box.

Additionally, a fun math activity presented on is Nuts and Bolts: A Sorting Activity. Give your child a sandwich bag full of nuts, bolts, and washers. Have them sort the items into the three separate piles. After sorting the objects, have your child count how many of each they have and tell you which pile has the most and least. Also, have them make patterns because some children find patterning to be a difficult skill. Throughout the summer, whether with fruits and vegetables at a farmer’s market, or beads during a rainy day art project, ask your child to count the objects and to make patterns.

Finally, when driving to your various destinations this summer, talk to your children about numbers and letters they see on the road signs. Ask them about the shapes and colors of the signs and what they think each one means.

All of these simple activities will help to develop your child so that they are emotionally, physically, socially, and intellectually ready for kindergarten.

Written by Ashley Miner of Kids ‘R’ Kids North Peachtree City


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    Great article, Ashley!! The beginning of kindergarten, like camp, is always this emotionally complex mix of excitement, anxiety, (maybe the tiniest sliver of relief) and eerie quietness.

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