Young Kids Can ZIP Into Adventure At Callaway Gardens’ Sapling Obstacle & Zip Line Course!

Sapling Course Facts

The Sapling course is part of TreeTop Adventure at Callaway Gardens


17800 US Hwy 27
Pine Mountain, GA 31822

About an hour drive from Atlanta

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I, like many parents, want to protect my kids from feeling fear and anxiety but something I’ve learned since having my son (almost 15 years ago) is that the earlier we expose our kids to adventurous things, the less afraid they are and the more fun they’ll have!  Doing adventurous things like ziplining gives a child confidence and allows them to prove to themselves and their parents that they are courageous and brave and most of all.. they CAN do it!

I zip lined for the first time about 6 years ago when I was on a business trip with fellow writers/journalists in St. Louis, Missouri.  I was petrified and that day I told myself that I wasn’t going to allow my kids to feel the way I did when faced with adventure, ever.  The other writers I was with had clearly travelled the world and back and had bungee jumped from high buildings, rafted down the rapids of the Grand Canyon, and camped in Burmese jungles.  My travel-mates were much more experienced in adventure than I and I don’t want me daughter to ever feel afraid of adventure like I did.

I am so glad that my kids, unlike me, will jump on the fastest roller coaster at Six Flags, dive head first into ocean waves without goggles (oh my!) and zipline 30+ feet above the ground.

My 8-year-old daughter grew up watching her brother, almost 15 years old, zip line, climb practically vertical rock faces, longboard down hilly roads, and camp in the most rugged of Georgia’s environments.  She’s not one to let her dad and brother down and will take part in any adventure they go on in order to spend time with them.

Until this summer she hasn’t been able to enjoy one outdoor adventure that the boys have been doing for years; zip lining at Callaway Gardens.

We go to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia a few times a year where my husband and son zipline, climb, and balance on obstacles high in the treetops at TreeTop Adventure while my daughter and follow them, on solid ground, with our necks stretched high and cameras clicking.

Madelyn has come up with all sorts of ideas for how she could be tall enough to go on TreeTop Adventure with the boys, from wearing platform shoes to styling her hair really high (like I did in the 80’s – shh).

The look on Madelyn’s face when I told her that Callaway Gardens TreeTop Adventure opened a new course for little kids called the Sapling Course, was priceless.  She threw her arms up and screamed and asked when we were going to go!

Fast forward a few weeks and we were standing under the TreeTop Adventure sign at Callaway Gardens and Madelyn was gearing up to go on the Sapling course!  She was beside herself and eager to climb the first ladder to start the course but first the TreeTop Adventure crew went through the safety rules and made sure the kids were geared up and fastened to their harness properly.   Once Madelyn climbed the first ladder she ready to take on the suspended swinging logs, ladders, zip lines, and other obstacles!

Sapling course at Callaway Gardens

The Sapling course was deisgned for kids between between 36″ and 60” tall.  TreeTop Adventure is within Callaway Gardens. Gardens admission fee is required to participate in TreeTop Adventure and provides access to the Gardens’ many attractions for the entire day. Click here for Gardens admission rates.

Watch my daughter on the Sapling course at Callaway Gardens in the video below


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17800 US Hwy 27
Pine Mountain, GA 31822




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