Helping Your Child Adjust to Change

Kids R Kids Parenting ColumnMany adults, young and older, have problems adjusting to change. It is understandable why your preschool child can also have a problem when the need to change arises. Whether it’s a new daycare, different neighborhood, or change in the childcare environment, children need time to adjust to change.

If your child is experiencing a change be patient and let the adjustment process take place.

Here are a few more suggestions to help your child adjust:

1. Look for the positive aspects of the change. Of course, there are connections that may be lost as a result of change, but there are also new, positive connections and aspects to consider. Help your child focus on the new benefits, and try to avoid too much conversation about life before the transition.

2. Teach your child to be patient. The reason familiar places are comfortable is because your child sees familiar faces and knows what to expect. It will take time to meet new friends, get to know new teachers, and find new environments for fun and entertainment.

3. Look for fun ways to keep your child entertained. Sometimes it helps to distract your child from challenging thoughts by finding fun ways to keep your child entertained. Consider a new toy, activity, or a fun day at home or outdoors.

4. If you will be attending a new daycare, preschool, or childcare, be sure to take your child for a visit to meet the new teachers and get familiar with the new environment.

5. Look for special programs that offer fun activities for your child to participate, enjoy, and meet new friends.

Change takes time, but with these suggestions your child can learn to feel as comfortable as before the change. If you need more solutions for helping your child adjust to change, feel free to contact the experts at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies. They have many years of experience working with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and pre-k programs. They are always eager to discuss ways to help families and children enjoy the educational experience.

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