Giving Back With Your Preschooler

Giving Back With Your PreschoolerInternational Day of Charity, which falls on September 5th, is all about showing kindness and compassion and giving back to others. Children are the future, so it is important to teach them about working together to make the world a better place. This invaluable lesson should be practiced year round, but this special day is the perfect opportunity to get a head start. Furthermore, learning the importance of compassion will aid in your child’s socialization and ability to form relationships in the future. Here are some simple but powerful ways to honor International Day of Charity and give back to your community.

Community Clean Up

Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere! Grab a few trash bags and head out the front door – it’s time to show some kindness to the environment. You can begin on your street or visit your neighborhood park and pick up any litter you find. Sometimes people put the environment’s needs on the back-burner, but mother nature needs a little love, too! By spending some time cleaning up your neighborhood, your child will develop a passion for nature and an understanding of the environment’s needs, all while helping the great outdoors stay great.

Spread Some Love

One simple way to show compassion in September is by writing thoughtful letters to the special people in your life. If your child is too young to read or write, you can help him construct his very own letter. Grandparents, neighbors, and family friends are all wonderful people to start with. You can even turn this heartfelt activity into a lesson by teaching your child how to address an envelope. This kind gesture is sure to bring an abundance of joy to your loved ones.

Raise Money

Who doesn’t love a classic lemonade stand? Show your child that he has the opportunity to directly impact those who are less fortunate by raising money through a lemonade stand. With just a few ingredients you can make a delicious batch of lemonade, brighten the days of those who choose to purchase a cup, and donate the money you raise to a charitable cause. You can also bake several batches of cookies or brownies and add them to your stand, as well. A little chocolate and a lot of love can go a long way.

Provide for others

Show your child they can provide for those outside of their immediate circle with a few simple items. Take your preschooler to the grocery store and pick up brown bags, canned vegetables or soup, water bottles, and several other snacks. Peanut butter crackers, nutritious protein bars, and fruits like oranges or bananas will do the trick. Fill up your bags, add a sweet note, and take them to a shelter or donation center where they can be distributed to those who need them.

There are endless ways to show compassion and give back, and these ideas make for a great start. Find a cause that speaks to you and is child friendly, such as volunteering at a soup kitchen, food pantry, or an animal shelter. Many volunteer programs allow preschoolers to get involved, so why wait? Begin celebrating International Day of Charity with your family by taking advantage of every opportunity to make a difference.

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