Celebrating Halloween With Your Preschooler


 The month of October is filled with all things spooktacular; creative costumes, trick or treating, and bags upon bags of delicious candy. Your little ones are most likely bursting with excitement about this special time of year, and there are many ways you can make the most of it! Check out these Halloween crafts and DIYs for a wicked good time:

Make Your Own Costume

If your local costume store is picked over or you were hoping to unleash your inner creativity this year, you can easily create a Halloween costume for your child! Why not try one of these ideas?

  1. Cowboy – With a pair of shiny boots, a cowboy hat, and a checker-print button down, you can help your little one transform into someone straight out of the wild, wild west. Yeehaw!
  2. Cat – This costume is as easy as it is adorable. Throw on a pair of cat ears and some stripes or cheetah print and suddenly your preschooler will go from crazy kiddo to feline friend!


Carve a Jack-O-Lantern

This classic fall-time activity will be a blast for the entire family. To carve your very own jack-o-lantern you’ll need one large pumpkin, a sharp knife, and a large spoon or ice scream scoop to scrape out every last pumpkin seed. Don’t forget to lay out a few layers of newspaper before you begin – pumpkin carving can get a bit messy! Allow your child to plan the design for the jack-o-lantern, and help them create their masterpiece. Adult supervision is a must!


For those littler ones, painting pumpkins might be the way to go! The best part of this activity is that you don’t have all those messy pumpkin guts and seeds to deal with! Just pick out a pumpkin and some washable tempera paints, put down some newspaper, and let your little artist paint way!

Learn About Halloween

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of this frightfully fun holiday, but have you ever wondered about the history of Halloween? Read up on the origins of Halloween and discuss all the fun facts with your kiddos. You can even come up with a quiz-like game and use candy as a reward!

Sweet Spooky Treats

Fall means pumpkin-everything, right? There are so many wonderful ways to incorporate pumpkin into both savory and sweet recipes! From spiced sugar pumpkin doughnuts to maple-glazed pumpkin cookies – these sweet treats are scary good!


Remember to go over important safety rules with your children before heading out on Halloween night to trick or treat. Stick together, be aware of your surroundings, let Mom or Dad check your candy before you eat it, and have a blast!


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